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please feel free to share because with all this Christmas Star hype its getting nuttier than usual out there

bookofmorons 8 Dec 16
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My Mom posted something about this Christmas star on facebook the other day and I so wanted to tell her what it really is. I love her but damn her beliefs are skewed.

Kynlei Level 8 Dec 16, 2020

I have never found ANY credible evidence that Jesus even existed much less was born in December. Just another in a long list of fairy tales told by the Romans for political reasons is all... Keep in mind they were infamous for making shit up as they went along and their "histories" have been found to be mostly bullshit.


In 44 BC, following the death of Julius Caesar, a comet appeared in the heavens over Rome and was accepted to be a manifestation of the divine soul of Julius Caesar. It was thought to herald a new age of peace and prosperity. Augustus used this event to emphasize his familial association with the deified Julius.
What does it have to do with the Nativity? It's a popular culture when there wasn't much by way of media.
If you think people have a problem with "In God we Trust" on our money imagine how people in Palastine using Roman coins felt.
Obviously if Caesar gets a star then so should the Messiah right?
In fact like Christians today they tended to borrow validity anywhere they could, including the Magi that brought gifts. Magi was the title given to the priest class of the religion of Zoroastrianism or Mazdayasna. So if they brought gifts then the Jesus religion is better. It's as if Mormons claimed the Pope came and blessed the Mormon Temple in Utah, which of course he would never do, but what a propaganda coup to tell such a lie and get away with it.
There's very good reason to believe the very same comet was claimed to be the Christmas Star it didn't matter that it was anachronistic, there's a lot of scrambled history in the Gospel fan fiction.

One of the symbols of Christmas is the Three Wise men so when given the chance I always pose the following question to the believers.

According to the Bible what are the names of the three wise men?

This usually leads to lots of ums and errs and maybe a Gasper or a Balthazar from the faithful

Then I point out that the bible does not indeed name any of them and in fact never says there were three wisemen at all . . it simply says "wise men bringing three gifts"

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