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Can't have that "sin cave" robbed of those nasty pleasures or can we.

mistymoon77 9 Jan 25
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Did anyone notice, they misspelled remember, "remeber"? Now I'll think I'll go masturbate. 😃

Tomofhb Level 5 Jan 27, 2021

@KindOne the original post was about masturbation. I was joking


Both funny and sad as there are serious health benefits to staying active.

Reminds me of three points:

#1: If memory serves: Jane Goodall observed and recorded young chimpanzees who masturbated as juveniles were significantly more active and capable of sexually functioning (fucking) then the juveniles who did not masturbate. She also recorded most/many? (been years) juveniles who did not masturbate were were often not capable of performing.

#2 Webmd reports "April 6, 2004 -- Frequent ejaculation, whether it happens during sexual intercourse, masturbation, or a dream, isn't likely to increase men's risk of prostate cancer. In fact, new research suggests it may have the opposite effect and help protect the prostate." and "Men who ejaculated most often actually had a 33% lower lifetime risk of prostate cancer, and this relationship grew stronger as men grew older."

#3 Use It or Lose It . . The Importance of Strength Training. . . Lots of links

Brings to mind several stories told to me by women who interacted with god fearing Catholic men (no yanking allowed) and being disappointed as the men developed erectile dysfunction early on in their lives. I wonder if there is a correlation?

To maintain health, strength and stamina, I believe in an extended exercise routine.


I wish I had the time , the energy and the self restrain to keep my mouth shut long enough , and go to these churches and try to play the available good girl to meet . Let that mother tell me 😂🦇

Pralina1 Level 9 Jan 25, 2021


bobwjr Level 10 Jan 25, 2021

''If your right hand causes you to stumble,cut it off,throw it away...'' Good thing I'm left handed.

actofdog Level 8 Jan 25, 2021

Please ask, please, please, please, please.
I love hurting the feelings of nosy stupid people.

You would be good at it


Who would be left to marry?

brentan Level 8 Jan 25, 2021

The 13 yr old cousin

I’ve met many Christian women who never have done it


New sport: Sin Cave Spelunking ...

The-Krzyz Level 7 Jan 25, 2021

Yet, all these people are still walking around with their hands intact. Fairly certain if anyone did actually cut their hand off, they'd be sent to the nearest psychiatric ward.

Kynlei Level 8 Jan 25, 2021

"self-raped her sin cave"
Hey Christian Mothers, I don't think rape means what you think it means. As for the rest of it, that's just ridiculous!

scurry Level 9 Jan 25, 2021

95 % of adult population is guilty of that. So, who gives a damn any way with a right mind.

freedom41 Level 9 Jan 25, 2021

If masturbation is so bad, why does everybody do it?

glennlab Level 10 Jan 25, 2021

Why are religious people so obsessed with other peoples genitals?
Does that not say more about them, than about the people they condemn

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