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We should pick our battles better. or we can just declare victory and cease all hostilities

glennlab 9 Aug 6
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The problem is complex.
Who will profit from its legalization?
The lawmakers know that thousands of narcotic cop jobs will go away.
They won't be able to arrest many minorities for possession and/or use - so judges and prison populations will change.
They know that nations - like Mexico and other central and south American nations - stand to profit a lot from farming the product.
Cleaning, dealing, packaging, marketing....all are biting at the bit for their chance to jump in.

This won't be an easy transition.


I think we may get it federally legalized soon. This was an example of corporate interests and racism in a symbiotic relationship. Since it was viewed as a drug that mainly Hispanic and black folk used, they could target it and protect big Pharma, Lumber, paper, rope, and other industries that the use of marijuana and hemp would impact while keeping the prison system flourishing with steady flow of people of color. It was a win win for powers that be.


Once they've gone underground they're almost impossible to root out until fully mature I'm told.

Zing! 👌

@Adam_Metal A little early for Victoria. Start them off indoors and plant out in September.


I think the truth is not that simple. Is the plant really the foe or is it just an excuse to bash on some targeted minorities more likely to use it?


I thought it was more like 70+ years.

closer to 50 since war was declared June 21, 1971

@glennlab I seem to think that it was long before then through the FBI Walla - Hoover? Also it was primarily used as an excuse to result in the elimination of the Hemp crop in Bangladesh done to enable duPont, Courtalds et al to establish the rayon , acrylic fibre market. This ultimately led to the drowning of thousands []

@glennlab see also []

@FrayedBear Those would all be good to show the early skermishes, but the official war on drugs was declared by Nixon on 21 June 1971. Just because there were earlier battles, doesn't mean it was official. The war on drugs was to silence two large groups that Nixon hated, hippies and blacks, everything else was collateral damage,

@glennlab There are many things that the US does that are not legally declared but just as obnoxiously effective as if they had made it legal.


Hard to beat such a popular contender.

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