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The good health guide

By psycheworks
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I did all of this on the same day..and had to call in sick to work..


Hitchens Level 8 Sep 21, 2018

@Hitchens you could find the phone after that......respect


Hehe..its difficult to find your phone when your crawling around the floor and you think you're going blind...😂🤣


Did it work for you?

Captnron59 Level 9 Sep 21, 2018

@Captnron59 I let you know when they let me out the hospital


Sounds about right. 😉

BeeHappy Level 8 Sep 21, 2018

Avoid people on general or just eating them?

EricTrommater Level 8 Sep 20, 2018

@EricTrommater eating them would possibly be a bit dodgy


Think I'll stay sick

Rudy1962 Level 8 Sep 20, 2018

@Rudy1962 where's your sense of adventure

@psycheworks it ran away with my ambition


Who is Kale? 😎

Science-guy Level 8 Sep 20, 2018

@Science-guy apparently some bluegrass rapper

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