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how many perverts does it take?

AlasBabylon 8 Dec 30
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Oh dear... humans are hopeless.

MojoDave Level 9 Dec 31, 2018

Unless you're uncle Fester

powder Level 8 Dec 30, 2018

If you only knew the stuff I have seen come through the E.R.

Mokvon Level 8 Dec 30, 2018

I read one story a little while ago about a man who came into the ER with a chess piece in his penis. I thought that was pretty bizarre. He said he did it because his girlfriend liked the way it felt.

@MST3K chessplayers will get this" Is that what you call a mating position". And which piece.

@Mokvon They didn't say what piece,other than it was a black one.

@MST3K wow. Is this a porn site segway


This is not what we call a glowing light bulb moment.


Not the sharpest bulb in uranus...or I guess it would be

Rudy1962 Level 9 Dec 30, 2018

There was a case of a dead puppy inside a woman.... I think it was. Fantasy of giving birth more than a fetish.

Zoohome Level 7 Dec 30, 2018

That could, & most probably did, go so wrong!

that is truly sad

@bookofmoron @phxbillcee
Yeah, my cousin was a resident on ER when he participate on this case. ??


Why one would place one of the sharpest, most brittle & most easily breakable things in one of the most delicate places in your body is mind boggling!

phxbillcee Level 9 Dec 30, 2018

Probably for the same reason people climb Mount Everest. Because it’s there. Boredom probably figures in there someplace. And never forget the power of alcohol in large quantities.

It boggles the mind. A light bulb? I like the mental image of the protruding light bulb suddenly lighting up 🙂



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