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Oh too perfect!

Wendiw 7 Jan 13
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I will settle for it to end.

Mokvon Level 8 Jan 14, 2019

Love it.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Jan 13, 2019

I like the way you think!

Livinlife Level 9 Jan 13, 2019

I'd say put Chuck and Nancy in there too. In fact put both houses of congress in one cell block and throw in a couple of ex-congress people and presidents. Now thats some reality TV worth watching.

beenthere Level 6 Jan 13, 2019

That's a false equivalency argument that doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

@Taladad Always willing to hear more. But before we continue, we should probably identify the control or argument with which we are comparing. What would you say it is?

@beenthere I'm not here to argue (I believe that’s on FB), but I have no problem challenging falsehoods when I see them. Whether knowingly or not, the position you've adopted and argument you've presented is known as a false equivalency. It's a typical ploy conservatives use to minimize the criticism of someone like Trump or Bush 43, by stating that other named people are just as bad, or just as guilty as, in this instance, Trump, so they are just as much to blame. In this case, you've used and indicated that Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, both houses of congress, some ex-congress people and ex-presidents are just as bad, just as guilty, and just as much to blame for the current situation as Trump is, and I say that's just not true.

And so I would ask you to elaborate on your statement and tell us all what you think Chuck and Nancy did to deserve your characterization, or to be put in prison, and what ex-congress people, and what ex-presidents you're referring to, that all belong in prison just as much as Trump, and why.

@Taladad I don't remember laying any blame. In order for us to explore the false equivalency fallacy we have to establish the statement or position which is being equated. So are you saying the base position is 'Trump is guilty.' and my statement is a fallacy because 'Chuck and Nancy are not guilty'?

@beenthere False equivalency is not a "fallacy", it's a tactic, and you are still wielding it, quite unsuccessfully. Of the three individuals you mention, Trump, Schumer, and Pelosi, only one of them is under investigation for operating as an agent of Russia, either witting or unwitting, which would make him what the Russians call a useful idiot. That's exactly what he is, and that's why they are using him. He is compromised. Trump has consistently sided with Putin at every turn, NEVER criticizing him, he fired James Comey from the FBI, and admitted on national television that it was because he was conducting an investigation into Trump's actions with Russia. He then immediately invited Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak into the Oval Office for a private meeting, bragging about eliminating Comey. Trump would not allow any American press into the meeting, only Russian press. He has met privately with Putin on two separate occasions, not allowing any US press into the meetings, and now we learn he demanded all the notes taken by the interpreter of that meeting. This is not how a US president who is supposed to be serving the US behaves. Donald Trump is a self serving traitor.

@Taladad Wikipedia says it is a logical fallacy. Works for me. Do we really know the facts/truth or do we know only what we have been told by whoever we choose to listen to?

For what its worth, here is what I have observed. The government is populated by both political flavors and is full of fiefdoms. Each has their own agenda. Some are more powerful than others. These people only tell you what they want you to know, constantly maneuver for power, join together when they need to protect their way of life and attack anyone who is a threat.

@beenthere Let's complete that statement from Wikipedia: "False equivalence is a logical fallacy in which two completely opposing arguments appear to be logically equivalent when in fact they are not. This fallacy is categorized as a fallacy of inconsistency." That is exactly what I stated in the beginning of my posts here. You started this thread by presuming that Chuck and Nancy, all of congress, some ex-congress people and ex-presidents are just as much to blame as Trump, and that they also belong in jail. That is the false equivalency, and you are wrong. They are not equally to blame.

You demonstrate a lack of understanding of the history of each party's ideology, and what causes they stand for individually. You remind me of those people who denied Nixon had done anything wrong, right up until he went on national television and resigned his presidency in disgrace so that he would not be the first president ever to be forcibly removed from office. You may be willing to overlook Trump's traitorous indiscretions, but I am not. Hopefully, for the benefit of our great country and all of the American people, justice will be served before it's too late. And hopefully Trump will not be pardoned like Nixon was. The attached chart is just the beginning.

@Taladad Ok then.


I'd love to see him marched out of the White House in cuffs.

Taladad Level 8 Jan 13, 2019

I’m looking forward to that ending too!

Haemish1 Level 8 Jan 13, 2019

Can't be too soon for me!

phxbillcee Level 9 Jan 13, 2019

Oh please please please please please! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

MojoDave Level 9 Jan 13, 2019
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