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This summarizes my love life. (Not mine personally, but ...)

SeaGreenEyez 8 Feb 1
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Nope, that is, if not me, my double! That's ok, tho, I have a flask!


Looking IS ME!


Been there, done THAT.


I feel your pain.. I really do.

I sometimes wish I felt like that. I wonder what it is like to miss being part of a twosome. At this late date, that's not gonna happen, however. ?

@SeaGreenEyez Never say never... it could sneak up on ya when you least expect it. Thats the best kind.

@Captnron59 I didn't mean my age. I mean nearly two decades of being single. Apparently I've not been in a rush to change my status and that's not about to change now. 😀


Voyeur? Haha


I'm the guy taking the picture.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Feb 1, 2019
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