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Never knew he said that

Rudy1962 9 Feb 4
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Let’s not forget the high blood pressure, and that’s why I divorced, because I believe in natural cures and getting rid of the cause is essential.

I hear ya


If he didn't say it, he probably should have and saved people tons of money in therapy.


I doubt it, but he might have thought about it.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Feb 4, 2019

I've Posted this before, but I believe it is fitting here...Tho this is a perceptive quote, Freud's or not!


Freud was a tool.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 4, 2019

Yeah, but a perceptive & intelligent tool. As much as he got very wrong, he also had some great insights. For a fumbling first attempt at psychiatry, he was instrumental.

@phxbillcee Yeah, yeah, yeah.

@KKGator I don't believe a Beatle's song is really the appropriate response here! (LMAO!)

@phxbillcee Wait. You were expecting an "appropriate response"????
Silly wabbit.

@KKGator I have a maladaptive oral fixation because my mother didn’t breast feed me enough. That’s why I stuff my face all the time. Sounds plausible to me!

@Closeted You are free to believe whatever you like.

@KKGator That was supposed to be a joke. Kind of fell flat eh?


OK.. Woohoo.. Good advice

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