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Mixed bag for Friday

Tooreen 7 Apr 26
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Thorbob is my favorite

Zoohome Level 8 Apr 27, 2019


Are you named after the soup or beer pot? I looked it up and it said it meant a big pot or dish. I thought the een meant small but it turns out this een means made of or having the nature of.


brentan Level 8 Apr 26, 2019

Big pot is my understanding, its a place name from Galway where every hill and hollow and bend in the road gets named. Tooreen bainish is the name handed down locally. So a big white hollow or white pot shaped hollow and there you go.

@Tooreen Thanks a lot!


#1,4,5, 🙂

MojoDave Level 9 Apr 26, 2019

Thorbob looks good y'all

@Tooreen Thorbob is hilarious! 🙂


I want Ted, the bear.

Good choice

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