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Lucy's Grand Old Party!

JazznBlues 7 Apr 30
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I can't get no...Satisfaction...thanks Mick, and Charlie, and Lucy;

Robecology Level 8 Apr 30, 2019

Whoa, I never saw the one where Snoopy made him invisible! Good for Snoopy!!


She's pretty darn delusional for a little girl.


Dissatisfied with my last raise, I showed the boss my version of trickle down economics. I stood on his desk, unzipped my fly.........


I always thought Lucy was part of Tweety's family.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Apr 30, 2019

Cant believe how long they have been selling that one. Voodoo Economics.

MrLink Level 8 Apr 30, 2019

Complete BS. They've been feeding us this crap since Reagan. It's not true now it's never been true. If you want to stimulate the economy give the poor a chance to become middle class and give the middle class a chance to become upper class.

MojoDave Level 9 Apr 30, 2019

Fool me once, shame on you ...


Is it a trick though?

TCorCM Level 7 Apr 30, 2019

Three things in life that NEVER happen/work:

  1. Trickle-down economics
  2. Cutting taxes on the rich helps the economy.
  3. Lucy letting Charlie Brown kick the football.
KKGator Level 9 Apr 30, 2019

The first liar doesn't stand a chance, neo-classical econ has never worked, except for some of the very rich.

glennlab Level 9 Apr 30, 2019

Maybe this time she'll let me kick the ball...

More likely you'll get kicked IN the balls 😒

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