1 7 cool.

EricTrommater 9 Mar 12
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That's bad ass. What kind of jelly is that?

It's pure evil jelly of course duh.....

@EricTrommater Oh, I've tried that lube before.

@phxbillcee I don't know how to make an emoji on here that would sufficiently express my horror.

@Blindbird That's ok, your picture expresses it quite well! LOL

@Blindbird something between a shocked face and gouging out your own eyes would probably work well.

@EricTrommater I'm seriously considering it and would definitely do that before using jellyfish as lube.

@phxbillcee thhhhhbbbbbtttt

@Blindbird Yes, I will marry you! LOL

@phxbillcee not if you're using jellyfish as lube,you won't!!!

@Blindbird oh how cute your first fight! Ah to be young and in love.....

@EricTrommater I'm moving out! Eric can I borrow your truck 🙂

@Blindbird you'll like Northern Virginia DC area. Lots of museums and we have a great selection of Civil War battlefields. Rules are rules! I can only drive it a certain number of miles.

@EricTrommater lol