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This is the real story.

WonderWartHog99 8 July 1
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Looks like some of the women from POF lol

bobwjr Level 9 July 1, 2019

What is a POF?

@WonderWartHog99 Plenty of Fish, a free online dating site.

@SiouxcitySue A tip of my hat to you.

And they're the ones who message you with.. "hey babe"


Cute "meme" but far from true;


"The ocean is resilient but there is a limit." The report said populations of fish, marine mammals, birds and reptiles had fallen 49 percent between 1970 and 2012. For fish alone, the decline was 50 percent. ... Damage to coral reefs and mangroves, which are nurseries for many fish, add to problems led by over-fishing.
Ocean Fish Numbers Cut in Half Since 1970 - Scientific American

Robecology Level 8 July 1, 2019

Back to the fishing hole for me.

@WonderWartHog99 I went fishing on Long I. (great South Bay - for Flounder) for the first time in decades. The once sandy bottom had been covered in algae ( a sure sign of local rise of population and nutrient-enriched polluted water) and no bites. I tried bottom fishing, anchored. drift-trolling. I tried small baitfish and squid. Not a bite.

@Robecology My favorite fishing hole at the county's Picket Post park is so overstocked, they eliminated the fishing limit. How do you feel about cleaning stump knockers and blue gills?

@WonderWartHog99 I do know of some fresh water sites. that. are, indeed, doing well - despite apparent over-fishing.

There's that body of water between Texas and Oklahoma that got stocked by a form of stripped bass that was adaptable to fresh water. They quickly developed large schools, and the minnows they fed on remained stable...so all you had to do was throw a lure in and you caught a decent sized tasty fish. This was about 6 years ago....I don't know the area anymore....but that was a delightful fishing adventure for me.

@WonderWartHog99 But having described fresh water fishing...you're actually supporting the data-graph I posted that shows a rise among "farm-raised" or "stocked" fish. Tilapia is a farmed/stocked fresh water fish that's quite tasty and reasonably priced.

@Robecology Don't care for stump knockers and blue gills?

@WonderWartHog99 Not sure what a stumpknocker is...and I've caught - and cooked - my share of Blue-Gills

@Robecology They're sunfish, which once you get it hooked heads to the nearest stump and wraps the fishing line around it.

Largely it's an ill defined fresh water fish that nobody farms. Once they are landed, they may be called pan fry or too small to filet.

Here in South Carolina they "farm" trout. They release the mature trout into the streams and lakes which are ill suited for trout. The master plan is to get people to fish for trout in South Carolina. It's not one of the greatest plan in aqua culture.

Unless they count all fish in the sea, there's no telling what's there. What the studies represent is areas where they think of as representative of the sea as a whole.


Are you suggesting that international ocean research isn't accurate? That seafood fish stocks are not declining?

I hope not...the numbers - the data - is clear. We're growing by 227,000 more births, than deaths per day. That's 158 more per minute. A million more every 5 days. A million more mouths to feed every 5 days.


And yes...there IS "telling evidence" that all food fish are drastically, severely declining in population.

Please; click on the link in the OP above and read it.

@Robecology That seafood fish stocks are not declining?

In some areas of the oceans they are in decline. Most of the oceans have vast unexplored areas. You counting those fish? With ocean warming what you will see is a change of ocean life. Ever heard of the Humboldt squid over population in the Pacific?

Your link gives us the world human population clock. The end times were forecasts in the 19th century not taking in account that mankind would found more productive means of feeding the starving masses into the 21st century. While I was in public school, it was a given India would have its annual famine. Dead by famine in India is no longer a major issue.

@WonderWartHog99 So you're basically a population growth stress denier, and a decline in fisheries denier. I'm guessing you're also a anthropomorphic climate change denier as well?

I'm also guessing a you're a conservative, a Trump supporter, religious, and heavily invested in fossil fuels?

@Robecology: 'm guessing you're also a anthropomorphic climate change denier as well?

>I'm also guessing a you're a conservative, a Trump supporter, religious, and heavily invested in fossil fuels?

You guess wrong on all those points.

I even have a solar powered canoe for pending sea rise; vote democratic as well as a militant atheist.

I deny you have a complete fishery census. Disagreeing with me on one thing doesn't we're in total disagreement on everything.


Much more interesting then a lot of the others....nothing sad about this at all....

thinktwice Level 8 July 1, 2019

profile pix from PoF I suppose

Do you think they are from the male or female members?

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