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...because memes are life.

EricTrommater 9 Mar 15
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Nudes are better

Jameson Level 7 Mar 15, 2018

You got a problem with that?

BeeHappy Level 9 Mar 15, 2018


You notice it looks like he's putting on a surgical glove

@phxbillcee, get your glasses checked, no gloves, especially surgical gloves (fantasizing?). Did they even have them back then?

@phxbillcee I believe the gentleman is simply rolling up his sleeve to give her behind a good thrashing.

@EricTrommater I figured, but I, unlike some, have an imagination, even if twisted. & tho I believe he is supposed to be rolling up his sleeve it LOOKS more as if he's donning a surgical glove! So there! & that goes for you too, BeeHappy!