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"Never wipe; instead pat or blot the corners." Does napkin etiquette still apply in this situation?

By joeymf867
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I gotta get me one of those! 🤣

MojoDave Level 9 Aug 4, 2019

Butt holes have corners? The things I've missed in life.

Well not necessarily corners, but the outer rim smile009.gif

@joeymf86 Run it through the car wash? smile009.gif


That's cool. I think I'd like one of those for my bathroom.

KKGator Level 9 Aug 4, 2019

Not the best job in the world....


Musta been hard to get the roll on it judging by the way it crumpled

Captnron59 Level 9 Aug 4, 2019

Nah. Not really that "crumpled". More likely a ham-handed person, squeezing the
roll too tightly while trying to remove the old tube.
It's not that hard to change the roll, if you aren't trying to squeeze it to death.

@KKGator you have one of those?

@Captnron59 One of those what?

@KKGator those dispensers... skeleton thing.

@Captnron59 I said I want one. I don't have one, yet.

@KKGator but the shape of the roll tells me that it may be difficult to install on it.


Rub hard - don't become a crustie!

brentan Level 8 Aug 4, 2019


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