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Since many of us have done this poorly before

glennlab 9 Aug 27
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If you want to put on a costume, to put on a show and get sone applauds, become an actor.

what does that have to do with the thread?

@glennlab because that's what I think people do when they get married: they put on some costumes, they put on a show and they get some applauds

@QuidamOutrepont Thanks, I was looking for some kind of link.


Yeah, after 10 hideous years, I'm 40 years single now. It's a wonderful life !

Duchess Level 7 Aug 28, 2019

Once was Way Too Much .

GEGR Level 7 Aug 27, 2019

Yah. There should be a warning sign one needs to read before doing that shit

Rudy1962 Level 9 Aug 27, 2019

I’ve learned my lesson! No more.


Not inevitable, but common.

EdEarl Level 8 Aug 27, 2019

I wanted to see if marriage could be compared to a fifth base in baseball but I didn't know how many bases there are. I looked it up and found out, of course, but in the meantime got a shock to see there is already an urban dictionary meaning for fifth base. That was a surprise!

brentan Level 8 Aug 27, 2019

@altschmerz I hadn't heard of it either and followed your lead. If we compare notes there'll be people going "ewww."

@altschmerz I repent in sackcloth and ashes.

And you made us all look it could have told us it was anal. Now on to sixth? Lol

@EyesThatSmile Honestly, my intentions were pure.

Oh never mind. I'll only dig the hole deeper.

And I didn't mean that either.

Not that way.


@brentan Puré? Hahaha. That made my night!



Too right!!!!

KKGator Level 9 Aug 27, 2019
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