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Hangry people are funny people. More keto hilarity.

OpposingOpposum 9 Mar 26
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Showed the Brussels sprouts one to my grandma. She said, "Are they grapes and cherries?" Um. Yep. Sure, Gran.

JustJere Level 5 Mar 26, 2018

That last one reminded me of "bring me another smurf". I'm going to post that one now for those who haven't seen it.

ejbman Level 7 Mar 26, 2018


sadoslim Level 5 Mar 26, 2018

I'd try the chocolate covered brussels!

DangerDave Level 8 Mar 26, 2018

#3 is a very bad photo of me....

Thought of you when I saw it 🙂 #2 is a pretty flattering pic of me,imo

@Blindbird the infrared adds 10 lbs.

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