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I aim to please..

mistymoon77 9 Mar 28
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Regarding your comment "I aim to please" - when I was a little kid, I saw a sign in a bathroom (for both genders) that depicted a guy in front of a toilet and said "I aim to please. You aim too, please."


Good advice!

MrLink Level 8 Mar 28, 2018

Usually when I act like an idiot on a first date, I don’t get called back.

Vipyr82 Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

well then they are not worth your time.. goodbye to bad rubbish I say.


Love it

Are you having fun here? We're not everyone's cup of tea, or bottle of vodka!

I have so many memes saved-just had to clean them out!


That's my ideal!


Is the umbrella intended to be a speed brake, ha ha

Cheaper than a parachute!

in case she takes off into flight.. like Mary Poppins..


I have my half covered!

phxbillcee Level 9 Mar 28, 2018

I'm sure you do.. 😉 There was no doubt in my mind..

@mistymoon77 Thank you! Now if I can just find somebody to share!

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