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Warning! Warning!...

By phxbillcee9
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Does it cum in 18 karat gold?

Markus Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

No, but it does cum in pearls! (Makes a great necklace!)


If Jesus slipped in the bathtub. Church of The American Standard. So relevant but if vids don’t belong here mea culpa. I shall endure the appropriate gauntlet of smite. Starts at 2:15.

Markus Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

Single memes are more common, but clips get posted, either as initial posts or as responses all the time. After all, a meme can be much more than just the punch line. I.e.: The whole 'King Arthur at the French castle' scene in "The Holy Grail", for just one example!

@phxbillcee Thanks. I like the short clips too and forgot that I’ve even watched them in this group before.

@Markus I just posted one!


There's another joke in there; rhymes with hallow (kinda) but I'm not going there. '......' be his name. OK, I went there, I lied.

farmboy2017 Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

How dare you make fun of such a sacred symbol! Jesus, our savior, shed his blood on that thing!!!

Galihad_Z Level 7 Mar 28, 2018


Sensitive trachea?

@phxbillcee. Maybe?



Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 28, 2018


EricTrommater Level 9 Mar 28, 2018

I didn't overstep? (As if you would say I did!)(& btw, Bonnie showed me the "nipple-tat one, probably would have got tagged for that!)

@phxbillcee (fucking normies!)

@phxbillcee sounds painful....

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