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Dom & Kim.. They ain't never goin to be respectable!!!!

By Nickbeee8
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Stealing this one

Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 30, 2018

By all means Sir, please spread my belittling of these two clowns haha !!! smile001.gif that would make me really happy smile001.gif


Gangnam Style baby!

Markus Level 7 Mar 30, 2018

Hahaha Awesome!!

Dang it!!! I was going to post the vid of Psi and Hammer. Now it just seems all so anti-climatic!!!! LOL


Oh - do I get double points LMAO ?

Nickbeee Level 8 Mar 30, 2018


@Nickbeee Gotta admit, even with this I don't get the reference! Thought the post was funny, but I guess I miss a layer. Ah, well, even when younger I didn't worry about keeping up with every new trend & pop star. Was too busy "cultivating my garden", so to speak! (Hey, it was the '70's!!!)

@phxbillcee Oh it is obscure!!!! In the uk charts In the 80's Mel & Kim released a record called respectable.. Did quite well .. So I stole that photo seeing as Don and Kim are never going to be respectable. which is the chorus line of the lyrics!!

@Nickbeee Is that the Mel from Britain's Got Talent & the Spice Girls?

@phxbillcee No !!! It's a different Mel .. This girl was named Melanie Appleby .. Not sure what Mel spice is called apart maybe Baby Spice!!