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More dog humor....

EricTrommater 9 Apr 3
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She might like that. Take the pressure off of her

Rudy1962 Level 9 Apr 3, 2018

THAT I would pay money for to see.


& after sharing that you'll have to, 'cause she sure won't!


Oh, to be that flexible

Why there should be more men in a Yoga class....

@RavenCT Why, can women lick their own?

@phxbillcee You guys have an advantage on us there - and I'm betting that yes - there are women who can. However "Do they?". 😉

@phxbillcee [melmagazine.com] It's not unattainable. Probably best attempted when very young. (Why do I Google).

@RavenCT LOL, Everything is somewhere on the internet! & I wouldn't even attempt it at this point. I'd probably get frozen in that position & I really don't want a bunch of EMT's to have a new story to pass around!

@phxbillcee like that time you did that thing with the light bulb?

@EricTrommater Yeah, & I swear I'll cover your emergency room bills as soon as I can!

I just love it when I can indirectly encourage people to research and expand their...minds...yeah, minds.

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