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What fuckery is this?

Livinlife 9 Apr 5
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Yup! Still laughing.

scurry Level 8 Apr 6, 2018

Lol. Glad you enjoy it

.... still makes me laugh!

@scurry hahaha


That is surely the cocaine cat ?

Nickbeee Level 8 Apr 5, 2018

Whatever hes done, hes pissed, lol

@Livinlife he looks like it ran out . . Seen people with that face lol. Could be any bond villians cat too! Lol

@Nickbeee yes to both! Lol

@Livinlife He needs a long walk in the desert to think about life haha!!!



balou Level 8 Apr 5, 2018

That's gotta be the best meme I may have ever seen in MY LIFE!!!
Holy Crap - I'm still laughing...
i'll still be laughing tomorrow.

scurry Level 8 Apr 5, 2018

I bet kitty is a mean drunk

Rudy1962 Level 9 Apr 5, 2018

Cruel on both fronts!

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