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We had one!

phxbillcee 9 Apr 8
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My grandma had one.. mostly all country music. The deluxe model even.

The deluxe model came with mostly all country music? We had to supply our own music, but at least my Dad supplied it with Classical & Jazz, mostly!

@phxbillcee ha ha, no, my whole entire gaggle of relatives are country bumpkins except me. I would turn on the radio.. stereo at that.. to rock n roll..

@mistymoon77 Just joshin' with ya'! I do it out of love. Well, that & I'm an asshole!!!

@phxbillcee I know, but you are one of the good aholes.. there's a difference ya know 😉

@mistymoon77 thank you! I will try to live down to your expectations!


And the round tube...on stereophonic speakers.. black and white... emitting radiation... those were the days!! Brings back memories of before I needed glasses..