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Good morning

Captnron59 9 Apr 8
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And I had to work today.


Nothing like a little wakie bakie


Good morning to you!


Oh boy. You are going to make Fanburger's head explode.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Apr 8, 2018

I blocked his ass.. stupid ass

@Captnron59 I didn't block him, tho I do agree he's a dumbass, that is a total last resort for me. I do wonder what his problem was/is? Do you think he really could be Jeff Session's love-child???

@phxbillcee maybe he's a plant for the pharmaceutical industry, or his girlfriend left him for some someone with good weed

@phxbillcee he's about sessions age. I think he's a big pharma rep. Trying to throw brain damage around on pot. Definitely a troll.

@Captnron59 He's been on the site for some time now & it's only recently he's started with this shit (Ha!)! I don't know what set him off, & I don't really care, but at least he's been quiet today, I really didn't need to get my blood-pressure raised when I don't have a blunt to help!!!

@phxbillcee how in the hell did you run out?? I have an extra ounce... come on over!! It's stardust 50 50....

@Captnron59 I'm on disability & limited funds, the VA does nothing for pain anymore, the 'opioid crisis' has their panties all in a bunch. Getting my medical card is easy, & not too expensive, but the pot is! & I don't have the connections anymore, between doing the typical depressive's isolate, I stopped smoking while on meds from the VA, so no street connections to speak of, well, none I want to be involved with anymore. Oh, well, I got beer! It's not the same, but it is what it is.

@phxbillcee I hear you... I was on disability before this last stint in prison, but since I got out they don't want to give it back. I'm working under the table at a friend's dairy so they understand when I can't work. I have a hearing coming up this month over it. I'm in an illegal weed state but I can get it for 200$ a zone here.

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