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I really don't speak Spanish....

By RavenCT9
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I relate to this. Oddly enough.


I must be high... that's funny because porque yo mi hablo en Espanola mucho aque in le lechearia.

Captnron59 Level 9 Apr 9, 2018

Ok lesson learned - no clue what you said.

Also share please....

@RavenCT the Spanish says: because I speak Spanish all the time here on the dairy. I learned to speak first in Spain as a kid, then when smuggling weed from Mexico during the 80's. About all you can get to work on a dairy is Mexicans. It's shitty work. I wouldn't be here except that it's a friend's dairy and he asked me to come help.

@Captnron59 Ah! Now I understand.

We have some pretty white dairies in CT. Old and family owned. It should have occurred to me though.

When I visited my sister in Napa during the crush my friend and I ran into migrant workers down at the local swimming hole. We all just grinned at each other. (My friend learned Latin - I took French - so no common language), We just all cared we were cooling down and having a good time! Also they'd been working their butts off.

Also the price of wine and everything else harvested by hand is going to go way the hell up if Drump has his way. Most Americans don't want to work that hard. (Or that cheaply).

@RavenCT we have a hard time getting more help here because of drump.

@Captnron59 Yup saw this coming miles away. Prices are going to go up.

Don't even know who will do the work?