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Nursery rhymes and the Bible, why do we want to scare our children?

By Rudy19629
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Many nursery rhymes have origins in the politics of the time they were written.

Pretty horrifying.

RavenCT Level 9 Apr 15, 2018

I love nursery rhymes and fairytales. I think they're awesome, even if they're not the original versions.

JustJere Level 5 Apr 15, 2018

Have you ever read the original Grimms fairy tales?They're really dark. I guess it's a safe way to introduce kids to the darker aspects of life.

I better get those to read to my kids. Get them ready for the cold cruel world.

@Rudy1962 You will scar them for life!


Jack's not nimble, Jack's not quick, Jack fell on the candlestick!! Bet that hurts!!

Captnron59 Level 9 Apr 15, 2018

And burnt his little dick

@Rudy1962 That's not what he fell on....

@RavenCT the guy named candle wouldn't like that would he?

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