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This is truth

RavenCT 9 Apr 16
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now you mention it....


Of course not "It's the Movies"

Coldo Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

Did in first one... when he first started mackin on sis.

Captnron59 Level 9 Apr 16, 2018

Wait he macked on the sis at the restaurant she worked at? He kept ordering a tuna sub. He was working for a parts place - but where's the gas station?

(And OMG there's a sentence I never thought I'd write.).

@RavenCT they stopped for gas and she was telling him about brother while he pumped.

@Captnron59 Ty! Now I'll have to view again!


That's okay, how often do they reload in action or cowboy movies? & if they do change clips in action movies, where are they keeping them all? Dozens of extras & never changes the lines of their stylish clothing!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 16, 2018

You have to get the suitcoat tailored "Just right".

I have to stop with those "Anita Blake" novels.....

@RavenCT I loved the first 6 or so, then they turned seriously weird, which took something for them! Seems the sex took completely over from everything else. Don't get me wrong, some sex helped make that series, but it had other facets that carried the plot, then, I think it got mired down. Just my opinion. What do you think? (BTW, I don't know of anyone else who has read them, or will admit to it!)

@phxbillcee I've got a friend (Also Male) who stopped reading them after the sex started.

Women are used to books with sex. Granted I now understand so much about Polyamory that I'm pretty darn educated.

She's up to like book 21? (or so). The plot line is still there. Just some good old dog piles/vampire piles thrown in. 😉

I also know a lot about Ammo/Flamethrowers/Zombies and more! lol

@RavenCT That's actually significant if that pans out statistically. Guys, the supposed 'sex fiends', lose interest when the story-line seems to be almost primarily sex, & loses the other elements. Yet women stick with them. Interesting subject to 'delve deeper' into!!!!

@phxbillcee 50 Shades was such a big deal - because it's the first time that the guys found out the smut that women have been reading FOREVER. (or at least caught a glimpse of it).

And that was smut lite compared to Anita Blake.

Plus she's bad ass! Almost all the characters are bad ass in that series. And I just love them.

Ed anyone? lol Err no - that's "Ted".

Also "Orgy Sized Bed". There is so much in those books that just makes me chortle!

@RavenCT Another gender difference. Tho pure "smut" novels can do it for me to get me aroused, that's all I'd use them for. I am a voracious reader in most other genres, but no romances at all, tho a romance mixed in another storyline is fine, & sometimes needed. Men tend to be much more attracted to visual cues for a turn on, hence men's magazines & porn sites.

@RavenCT & 50 shades bored me. My ex turned me on to it, & offered me the others in the series, The first was more than enough, & I doubt I'll ever see the movie.

@phxbillcee Every guy I know tried to get through Book one and gave up. (My brother and nephews included).

What will really blow your mind is that 50 Shades was written as fan fiction for "The Twilight Saga".

It did so well on line she re-edited and published it.

@phxbillcee Also aware of the visual thing! lol

What I find odd is that a slightly smutty novel can turn a guy right off an otherwise good series?

I read almost anything fiction. Just don't make me read real life! Five years at a newspaper was more than enough real!

@RavenCT Twilight is also appreciated by females more than males. don't get me wrong. A relationship theme in a novel is very often critical, & one of my favorite movies has a relationship as central (Casablanca, followed by African Queen in that vein), but so many seem contrived & phony. That's why I'm not a big Rom-Com fan. Of course, I don't like many Sit-Coms either. They need a twist, usually to make me enjoy them (like Sunny in Philly) or be just so well done (Cheers, MASH, Barney Miller).

@phxbillcee That Bromance at the end of Casablanca? Just sayin' - Awesome!

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