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LMFAO enough said !!!

Nickbeee 8 Apr 20
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After I watched this. I wanted to shoot up some pot. I'm so incorrigible.

Eirteacher Level 7 Apr 21, 2018

Needs to be paired up with this...

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 20, 2018

OMG that film is properly nuts!!! Brainwash 101

@Nickbeee When I was younger, in the late '60's everyone would get stoned & they'd show this film at the local universities & such. Just was one of the most laugh along films when buzzed!

I wanna have a "hop at the local soda pop". Curious that they consider the ultimate outcome is madness....I woulda thought suicide top of the list. Hilarious film though

@phxbillcee Hahahaha!!!! We weren't shown this but it was the same .. Mad thing was we were 80's kids really and although there was some resin and weed most punks were on gas & glue .. it was horrific .. if there had been more weed maybe less death from glue and solvents!! Reefer madness for sure! Really funny when high yes!!!


I need his phone number.

KKGator Level 9 Apr 20, 2018

You going to sell him some bud lol ?

@Nickbeee If I actually had anything to sell, I'd be keeping it all for myself.


I want to read it

Imagine !!! Maybe we should write our own version between us !!


Reeferboy stepped out of the schoolyard and skulked up the dark, dank, pissed stained, rotten alley, ready to inject his buds directly into his eyeballs.. As he lost his mind, totally rabid from addiction; his compulsion to flash at a cat walking down the alley meowing, was vast .. he held it together .. sweat beaded on his head.. he fumbled for the highly addictive weed..

Then bang, he woke up .. what kind of nightmare was that? It was like Harry Anslinger had invaded his dreams using a time distortion ray gun !!


He needs to help this chick out.

Insectra Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

Hahaha!!! oldskool before you cottoned on to buying enough weed to never actually run out lol !!


I'd be over there hanging with reefer boy...

Me too !! Reefer Boy for president!!!!

@Nickbeee if only....

@Freespirit64 One day haha!!! 😮


Fuckin propaganda... so funny yet so ignorant.

Captnron59 Level 9 Apr 20, 2018

Isn't it !!! tossers ... That one public info film where the lad smokes a joint then puts his head through a window !!!! Unreal ... first thing I think after work is relax have a joint .. weirdly never put head through window lol !!

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