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One man died for all.

poetdi56 7 Apr 20
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His mother did not dance and his daddy didn't rock and roll...

Yet it was the very first rock song I liked when I was like 6 unless you count the theme from The banana splits?

That is freaking hilarious! My first thought was Kenny Loggins died for us hahaha


Crap, I worked for this guy for a night, should have asked him to bless me??


I kinda liked his music, especially from my own musical perspective.

Loggins and Messina. Some good 70’s vibes right there.


So was "Footloose" & his early work w/ Jim Messina!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 20, 2018

Loggins and Messina. Some good 70’s vibes.

@Markus Look at Messina's pedigree! Buffalo Springfield & Poco! & Their first album was actually "Kenny Loggins w/ Jim Messina Sittin' In"! Wasn't Loggins & Messina 'til the next album!

@Markus Messina introduced him the same way Crosby intoduced Jackson Brown in "Saturate When Wet"!

The last I remember any Loggins and Messina in my collection it was on 8-Track. Sad.

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