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He's so black...

Captnron59 9 Apr 21
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Why are we ignoring the noodle meltdown in the background?

I never saw it!! Lmao good catch!


I grew up in the politically incorrect 70's in southern California and we made fun of EVERYONE. There was no hate involved and no one was exempt. Now I'm almost afraid to laugh at this for fear it labels me racist! Fuck it! Haha haha!

It was posted by a black guy on FB...if that makes you feel better.

Yeah, part of the 'PC' thing makes me sad... there's no way they could make a movie like 'Airplane' today. Haters gunna hate, wish they'd just leave the rest of us alone. (whoops, wrong group?)

@Johnsalterego could you imagine trying to re-make "Blazing Saddles"??!!

@phxbillcee "We're gunna need a shitload of dimes..."