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Seems legit

Nickbeee 8 Apr 24
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Lol. Appropriate

Livinlife Level 9 Apr 24, 2018

Has yours just struck? !!! lol

@Nickbeee she does. Lol

@Livinlife They are proper little sneaks haha!!! funny beasts 🙂

@Nickbeee yeah, she makes me laugh


Proof for the Flat Earth Society...that the Earth isn't flat.

Ha I love this one!!!!!


Damn, that was so fast I didn't see it happen!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 24, 2018

Cats huh!!!!!


I don't get it. Everything looks normal. nice kitty

kenriley Level 8 Apr 24, 2018

And there is ...

Coldo Level 8 Apr 24, 2018

Hahahaha!!! properly funny ..

That dog wants to keep his balls!


Cunning creatures.

Mofferatu Level 7 Apr 24, 2018

It's waiting for someone to pick it up lol !!!!

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