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Ryo1 8 Dec 3
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You forgot black bears and coyotes.
Ours use the sidewalks, they know it's much safer.

Interesting. Bears no longer roam the forests of the UK, and coyotes are not native to the UK.
According to my Japanese friends, encounters between humans and monkeys (macaques) are becoming more frequent as deforestation reduces the monkeys' natural habitat.

Bears and Wolves were hunted to extinction in the UK, about two hundred years ago, because they were eating to much game, that the British upper classes enjoyed massacring for fun.
Consequently herds of Deer and flocks of Partridges have to be culled every year to prevent massive environmental damage caused by the lack of natural predators.
There was a movement a few years ago to reintroduce Bears and Wolves to the wild in the UK but the Aristocracy who own most of the open woodland and moorland refused to allow it fearing it would cut their income from tourist, and that such predators today would find it easier to hunt none indigenous (cash crops such as) cows and sheep


Coyotes more frequently hunt on my street after a nearby ridge line was leveled to make way for a “luxury” housing development.

The-Krzyz Level 8 Dec 3, 2023

(We're almost neighbors, Krzyz.....) I live at the bottom of a large canyon--sort of a highway out of the San Gabriel mountains and wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard someone complain about ''all these damned coyotes." It's like complaining about the traffic after you've moved into the exit on a freeway.

@pamagain Ah, I see you’re a Pasadena person! I’m a Huntington Memorial baby, used to work at Pacific Asia Museum, am active at Huntington Gardens, and have hiked most of the trails leading up to the front range of the San Gabriels (where I work for the Forest Service at Vetter Mountain). The trail up to Mt. Lowe was always one of my favorites. Maybe you’re near that one.

I’m on the other side of the San Gabriel Valley, in the hills overlooking the mighty Rio Hondo at Whittier Narrows. Lots of open land, lots of coyotes, and too many developers squeezing them out and ugli-fying our still-pretty area.

@The-Krzyz Check Altadena Historical Society's collections...LOTS of info on the Mt. Lowe trails, cabin culture, etc. What do you do for the Forest Service?

I used to enjoy Pacific Asia's collections on my way walking home from McKinley "Jr. High" was free then. Imagine that?

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