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DYI project gone bad

mistymoon77 9 May 9
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Ghettoi chic??

Emme Level 7 May 9, 2018

I do not want a photo of the rear!

Ya, none of us do.


Chastity belts are back in style? Who knew?

Mooolah Level 8 May 9, 2018

It's kinda loose...


Not a lot of pocket pool happening with these.

Or not on the sly, anyway!


No pant legs to get in the way


I've heard of a string vest...


Oh look, a quarter!

Squirrel Level 7 May 9, 2018

A quarter-pair of pants!?


Once again, my eyes need bleach ?

Emme Level 7 May 9, 2018

Here ya go [imgur.com]

may cause tears

Emergency averted, thanks ??


Marriage material girls! Ok, not much material, but still...

...or lots of extra material, just not in the right places!


Yup, you are a leader in my book Bill. You may take the lead of the Trump Militia if you so desire. Classic dude

zorialoki Level 8 May 9, 2018

Those tighty-whiteys, blekh!?

@Emme Almost looks like a diaper!

@Emme I wouldn't try that as I usually go commando


Same here!??

@Emme Hmmm....methinks not at this point in my life

So we won't be lucky enough to see you sporting those anytime soon? Bummer!

@Emme I have some that aren't far from that in their natural state

That favorite pair, maybe? Or at least that's how they got that way.

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