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People R' dumb.

OpposingOpposum 9 May 16
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I didn't think it was that complicated.

Eirteacher Level 7 May 17, 2018

People are gullible!

phxbillcee Level 9 May 16, 2018

Sure .. just like masturbation makes your palms hairy 🙂

Have you looked, recently?

@phxbillcee nope 🙂 Never have had that problem 🙂


So there's like no hope for my right hand?



Rudy1962 Level 9 May 16, 2018

FAKE NEWS!! Don't believe it!! Your killing me @blindbird !!

Captnron59 Level 9 May 16, 2018

Lol. Not livinglife but I'm proud you thought this was hers!

You're killing me

@Blindbird Well, you're both beautiful, witty women!

@Blindbird oh shit!! And I scrolled up to see who posted!! MML strikes again. (Marijuana Memory Loss) there.. I fixy.

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