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The premise of this group is good, but it starts off incorrectly.

First, "assault weapons" are fully automatic weapons. If you want assualt styled weapons banned, think, they are no more dangerous than any other semi-automatic weapon. So either ask for all semi-automatic weapons to be banned, or shut up.

Next, what is a "safer" hand gun?

Alienbeing 7 Mar 24
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I'm all for banning all semiautomatic weapons. I would say something on the order of what they have in England. Licensed weapons intended for hunting non-human animals only.

Theresa_N Level 8 Mar 31, 2021

No guns are safe, however ordinary hand guns do not shoot out hundreds of bullets.

Jolanta Level 9 Mar 30, 2021

Correct, however that doesn't help make anything safer when one must deal with U.S. Constitution Second Amendment issues.

I suggest enhanced backgroud checks, that must be renewed say every 5 years or so are the way to go.

Most guns don't shoot out hundreds of bullets. Typical magazine capacity for the big scary ar platform is 30 rounds. Gun enthusiasts perfer quality over quantity, higher capacity magazines are usually not as good quality and you will likely have a malfunction often

"Higher" as in higher than the norm

@Tejas What and that makes it okay to own one?

@Jolanta yes. bomb making is illegal and domestic terrorists and/or crazy people make bombs to kill. so i don't see the point in banning guns. bad people will find a way to cause terror if its legal or not

@Tejas That is so, but it takes time, money and effort to do so. Getting an automatic gun in the US is far too easy. Look at other countries they do not have this kind of mass shootings that you have.

@Jolanta not a single mass shooter has used an automatic rifle. To buy an automatic rifle you need a special license through the atf you get a very specific background check the fbi figer prints you and takes your picture and on top of that the weapon itself will cost in the tens of thousands since there are so few. Semi auto and auto are different. Some countries have way worse gun violence with stricter gun laws. Your entire point is wrong

@Tejas So I should have said semi automatic guns instead of auto and because of this you think it is okay. I would be interested in you mentioning those countries that have worse gun violence?

@Jolanta [] 67% of gun deaths in the US are from suicide

@Jolanta [] homicide rate of countries US is 55th tried with greenland

@Tejas Yes, and all those countries that have greater gun deaths are third world countries except Greenland and some of them war zones.

@Tejas as automatic as punching the keyboard. Same thing but conserves rounds. Those that got um good. Smart one buy the toilet paper before the run on it. They will get real pricey once they are banned. You can't take them away. But you can say keep them at home or on the farm. Don't be parading them in public. If I saw one in a big store I'd have my sights on a head shot instantly. Many many folk are packing where I live.


Last week was the 25th anniversary of the Dunblane mass shooting. Gun ownership was severely curtailed and there has been one mass shooting since then in 2010 and deaths caused by firearms are very rare int he UK.
Obviously the USA is a totally different case because of the gun culture and proliferation of guns in the country but if there was a will it could gradually change.

Moravian Level 8 Mar 25, 2021

When the us does something to help the homeless mentally ill and when crime isn't glorified, ill gladly sell most of my guns.


Most people understand that "assault weapons" in common usage means large capacity magazine fed semi-automatic rifles based on a military design. In fact the only people who claim not to understand this are gun nuts trying to confuse the issue because there are no reasonable sporting, self defense, or hunting reasons for such weapons to be in civilian hands.

Druvius Level 8 Mar 24, 2021

You are making it up as you go along. Most people have no such understanding.

@Alienbeing Yes, they do.

@phxbillcee Ummm no they don't and all one has to do is listen to news broadcasts to prove they don't. Additionally the fact that when they try to write laws they make the difference.

@Alienbeing Writing laws & common usage are 2 different things. & "the news" usually uses the term "assault-style" weapons, as you actually admitted above. @Druvius is correct, here.

@phxbillcee Reread. I didn't admit that at all I said EXACTLYthe opposite.

@Alienbeing Please take your own advice & "Shut Up"

@phxbillcee Buzz off amateur.

@Alienbeing Yerp, instead of giving reasons why guns like the AR-15 should remain widely and easily available, you're spouting gishgallop and semantic nonsense. Got it, you can't make a case, so name calling and distraction is all you have.

@phxbillcee, @Druvius Nope your words are only that, your words. IN FACT I never commented on whether or not AR-15 should be available. Actually I don't see any need for them at all.

Next time don't assume, it makes you look foolish. Perhaps you are.

P.S. to @phxbillcee Note the above. Feel foolish for endorsing @Druvius when he was obviously wrong? Your preconceived notions hamper your judgement.

@phxbillcee reading @Alienbeing posts seems eerily familiar

@LenHazell53 British "humor" is as dry as British atttempts to dictate political correctness.


They are designated as semi automatic in the pending legislation and if all semiautomatic rifles are equal than the ban would not affect legitimate sportsmen since the guns outlawed are the overwhelming favorite of mass shooters(civilian versions of military rifles).

Buttercup Level 8 Mar 24, 2021

No what we really need is less hate and a different attitude. more tolerance and less love of power.

Oldman51 Level 7 Mar 24, 2021

I say ban civilians from having any weapons that were not designed at the time the Constitution was written.

Theresa_N Level 8 Mar 24, 2021

Get serious.

My suggestion is made with a mix of jest and seriousness. The guns would not be rapid fire, have much lower muzzle velocity and this would be of great benefit in reducing the numbers dying from gun violence.

In my county the only weapons allowed for hunting are shotguns, front loaders and bows/arrows. Many of the hunting sites are along our national monument trails so no high powered guns allowed.

@JackPedigo Your bio says you live in Washington. As such maybe local laws limit weapons to shotguns but your country allows all kinds of weapons.

When the constitution was written muskets were the norm and they were also standard military issue. So by your logic you want us to have the same standard military issue (usually M4s) or you want our current military to use muskets. The amendment was written so people can have the option to reasonably arm themselves. Firearms are without a doubt highly regulated


I posted. this; and someone on FB reported it as "fake news' this factual?

"On March 15th, 2019, a white supremacist killed 51 people in Christchurch, New Zealand.
On 3/21/19, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern proposed a ban on semi-automatic weapons.
On 4/10/19, that law passed.
Since that day, there have been 1,145 mass shootings in the United States.
And NONE - not New Zealand".

Robecology Level 9 Mar 24, 2021

I checked, and it is now illegal to own most semi-automatic guns in New Zealand. Exceptions are guns of .22 caliber or less, and shotguns capable of firing 5 rounds or less.

So, for all intents and purposes your statement regarding ownership is correct. As for no additional mass murders in New Zealand since the law was passed. I could not find anything one way or another, but suspect I would have found something if a newer mass murder had happened.

Such a law may be effective, but remember, criminals do not obey laws. That is why they are called criminals.

When guns become scarce and more expensive fewer criminals can get them so they then obey the law, in most cases.

@Theresa_N True, but that will take a long time.

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