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LINK Police say 'Good Samaritan' prevented further loss of life in Indiana mall shooting: 'Tactically sound' (but wait....!!!!!!!!)

Good news. I sincerely thank him for his heroism. πŸ’•

And? We're so screwed. It happened ONE time, so that means??? More guns, less gun laws. πŸ™„ A good guy with a gun stops something horrible (and isn't murdered by the cops after saving the day) means it's all true. All that fearmongering. They told us. Owning those libs Ya' All. They were right all along. πŸ™„ Right about Rittenhouse, right about Roe, right about guns, right about white pride. And on and on and on.

The rightwing rags have literally ran with this story to the point of it looping for hours on Newsmax, One News Network, The Blaze, etc etc etc. It's all that's being covered.

Just ignore those 13 other mass shootings that happened in the past 72 hours. 🀫🀫🀫

I'm learning to view things from a rightwinger's POV. I have to is less stressful than holding out hope for sanity in America. The nonsense I've witnessed just today? You really would think there's nothing at all wrong in America.

I'd offer to take one for the team and join Truth Social, but I'm just not that mentally healthy. 😜😜😜

SeaGreenEyez 9 July 18
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It's a sick culture!


Any way you cut it people kill people. A gun is jut a tool like a knife or a sledge hammer. Need to stop the hate and you know where that comes from

Oldman51 Level 7 July 18, 2022

Yes. Hate is an issue, especially in America. And anger. But...

A knife isn't going to kill like a gun. Especially when we're talking about AR style guns.

It does no one any good to sugarcoat the truth: guns are the imminent threat in America. They just are.

With all due respect: That is a bullshit statement.

This is a bullshit statement. I think people running around carrying guns have a problem and so has a society.

@PontifexMarximus One of my recent unfortunate exchanges was regarding my disinterest in owning a gun or guns. This happened when someone saw my driver's license and noted the concealed permit box checked.

She took that to mean that I'm "one of them" (her words, not mine.) Her initial excitement disappeared when I made myself clear. That was a lifetime designation, not something I currently have any interest in. The fact I sold my last gun 20 years ago totally stumped her. I asked her who she's so afraid of, that she can't imagine living without a gun. She had no answer. πŸ™„


You are correct in how they are just running away with this story. It seems this is all you hear right now on guns and shootings.

What i'm going to write next is imaginary but in the "what if" area. Suppose for a moment that 2 would be shooters had this planned out. One of them is actually positioned in the food area and the other with a rifle is higher up. After the man with a rifle kills 3 people and his buddy in the food area becomes "the hero" by opening up and killing him. A setup to become an instant hero. Rather than sing this guy's praises someone should investigate to prove it did not happen that way.

Well, maybe not true. Maybe correct as reported.

DenoPenno Level 9 July 18, 2022

It's Indiana. Your hypothetically is entirely possible. πŸ™„

It is quite obvious that the "hero" was willing to kill. He shot several times. So there are really just 2 killers. Sick culture.


The only thing that will EVER change this shit is if Americans voted against repubs. That means all of them need to be voted out of office. I don’t see that happening unless the young people start voting more and they vote for people who will make sure that guns have fewer rights than women!

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