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LINK Search for Texas vigilante who fatally shot robbery suspect carrying fake gun | Texas | The Guardian


He shot him, walked over to him, shot him more, picked up the burglar's gun and realized it was not real. He yells obscenities, throws the fake gun, flees the scene.

He's lawyered up and has yet to speak to the police.

This is not the world I want to live in/on. I'm just as over the vigilante mentality as I am the gun violence. To each their own, but I'm just exhausted from all the guns and killing. And I'm over the debate about safe, sane gun laws. The guns won. We've all lost.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Jan 9
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What he did was totally illegal. After he shot the guy and he was down wounded on the ground the man still went up to him and shot him more. That is what should get him arrested and sent to prison. But of course we know this is Texass so nothing will happen to him.😡

Exactly!!! We watched a murder in that video.


Where guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Think about that because you know it is true. What we need is sanity control that is what this country really needs. Free metal health on almost every street corner.

Oldman51 Level 7 Jan 10, 2023

No one is suggesting guns be outlawed.

And that old, tired, attitude/statement has been proven wrong so many times, it's time to move on.

Gun violence in America, isn't happening because of "outlaws." When there are more guns than people, more rage than calm, more war than peace, more hate than heart, more police than less, etc., etc., etc., you get exactly what you asked for: 3rd World Country gun violence and death.

No you just need to look south of our border as Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws but the cartel has no problem obtaining all the guns they want.


You are correct - the guns won, society lost.
A country that fatalistically but blithley accepts the ongoing murder of school children,
a country of Alex Jones and Kyle Rittenhouse,
a country of covert and open carry permits . . .

  • as the song says:
    "if you've not been hit by flying lead, you better close your eyes,
    bow your head,
    wait for the ricochet".
johan17 Level 5 Jan 9, 2023

Some of us are tired of jackasses wearing ski masks and using either real or fake guns to rob other unsuspecting people, that's the real problem, and if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes. These days you never know who is using a real gun or a fake one, and the police sure aren't around to help in situations like that, and worse still some police react as the ones in Uvalde did.

As someone who owns both real and replica firearms, I can tell you from direct experience that from a distance it's not easy to tell if it's a real or plastic gun, and if you don't act quick you could end up dead real fast. Some people aren't waiting around to become the next victims, and there's a clear difference between going around acting like a vigilante looking for trouble and someone who otherwise was minding their own business and suddenly found themselves faced with an aggressor waving around what looked like a real gun. As for him yelling obscenities at the thug after shooting him, can't say I'd blame him, that shows he was human and probably upset that he was put in a position that forced him to use lethal actions against another who turned out used a fake gun. I'd be upset too, and it's worth pointing out that Police are not looking to press charges against the armed customer.

As for the amount of force used... maybe it was excessive, but it's a relatively moot point in my opinion because the whole thing never would have happened in the first place had the robber not acted stupid threatening innocent people. We have a problem with stupid people and criminals, not guns. Remove the two former ones from the equation, and the latter one would be used way less often.

Honestly? I have no idea what point you're attempting to prove here. And as I stated above, I don't care.

I'm over the apologetics. I'm over the culture of violence in America.

That's the only point I currently give one fuck about.


@SeaGreenEyez Yes honestly, I sure wasn't making anything up, nor was I promoting apologetics of the sorts. Couldn't be any clearer than I was, and I'm tired of that crap just like you are.

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