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LINK Appellate Court Ruling Leaves Illinois Assault Weapons Ban on Hold – NBC Chicago


Every single time Republicans keep simple safe and sane gun laws from taking effect in individual states, is another time that SCREAMS "pack the Courts" and start fighting back.

Nothing is going to change. Not with the legal system in complete tatters and a Congress that is totally worthless.


SeaGreenEyez 9 Feb 1
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And to think that this image might not be photo-shopped...


Good ruling, because laws banning certain things seldom if ever at all work out as they were intended to do so. Nothing "common sense" either about such bans, just more redundant laws that we don't need any more of. Especially taking into consideration that the Anarchist Cookbook, which instructs readers how to craft their own homemade weapons, is widely available to download off of the Net, and with the advancement in 3D printing technology with the right equipment anyone can now 3D print weapons, and such weapons are being made more and more durable so as to last longer with frequent usage. That's not even taking into consideration the thriving black markets. Also, most such crimes are committed with handguns and not long rifles for what should be for the obvious reasons for such a choice, and said handguns are hardly "assault weapons".

Now, some truly common sense laws that might actually help society as a whole for the better would be making sure anyone under age eighteen be required to stay in school, and overall improve the public education system (meaning reform the curriculum and fire poor performing teachers) so that every child receives a truly quality education. Then, reform the laws regarding mental health screening, to make it so that every citizen has easy access to such services if need be and promote regular mental health exams as part of a normal health regimen that is a desirable thing. Those would be a good start. Only problem with banning certain types of firearms is that the driving force behind such violent deeds would still exist and find another means of expressing such violence, hence we should/need to focus on the root of the problems that are plaguing our society, instead of emotional special pleadings directed at objects.


All the fucking gundamentalists will be overjoyed. To those who continue with the old bullshit that the anti gun lobby won't stop there, I say stop with your fucking lies!

It's just so disappointing. I want those Chicago kids to live past 24. This would've helped. 😒


The trouble with a assault weapons ban is that the anti gun lobby won't stop there but will try to force their anti gun agenda onto everyone.

Oldman51 Level 7 Feb 1, 2023

That's not EVER going to happen. It's not a thing unless you're taking about maybe 5% of the fat fat fat left. The same people who don't want dogs and cats to be pets. Those extremists are not ever going to be in power.

Now, if the left really wanted to follow the Constitution, they'd MAKE every run owner in America be "a member of a well organized militia." Because that is what the 2nd requires for personals to possess firearms.

@SeaGreenEyez I have to disagree on that, especially in light of Roe getting overturned last year, which prior to that happening many people thought Roe was safe from radical zealots, and they would be wrong on that. Given enough time gone by, I think one day again the Republicans will take control of the WH/House/and Senate, and one of the first things they will remember is your progressive buddie's attacks on gun rights now, and the Repubs are going to turn around and attack even more so gay rights and abortion rights, which is a legit concern knowing how some Repubs have openly called for a Federal ban on all abortion procedures. Your actions today will have consequences tomorrow, and never underestimate the wicked determination of tyrants, and both conservatives and progressives are subject to acting like that.

You are also incorrect on the militia part in the 2A. Back in the day the Bill of Rights was drafted the term militia meant any able bodied man who was prepared for armed conflict if it came to that, and not exclusively Government-controlled as you had suggested. That definition of a militia applied back then and still could even to this day, so the militia argument is moot. The term "well regulated" doesn't mean what you think it means either, and to save me the time of having to debunk all of that again I'd recommend reading all of the links in the following post, and when you've got known leftwing sources like CNN agreeing with the rightwing pro gun rights sources chances are good what they are saying is the truth.-
"Being my previous post in this group was on the controversial topic of abortion rights, time now for..."

@Oldman51 As someone who was once a part of the gun control movement, I could readily attest to the fact that authoritarians are never satisfied with just limiting a few rights, and you are right in thinking the progressive gun control zealots would come for the remaining guns after banning those "assault guns", and many within the gun control movement have and continue to openly state support for banning all types of guns and doing away with the 2A. But you know... we're supposed to be dumb and think all of that is just them talking...

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