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Can we define common ground among all sides of the discussion? Can we define the two extremes at which we all agree, and then narrow the chasm until we find critical fracture?
For starters, can we all agree that

  • Dinner knives need not be limited & regulated. They are not a risk of lethal force.
  • Nuclear weapons can not be allowed in the possession of private corporations, families, clubs, or state & local governments.
    Is there anyone anywhere that believes those two statements need to be revised?
Dick_Martin 7 Feb 23
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Na. Good to go from here.

ZebZaman Level 6 Feb 23, 2018

Research - real research would be so nice.

Once had take the spring inside a toilet paper holder away from a Mental Health client who was cutting with it.
So many weapons of opportunity.

Yes reasonable "true weapon" control.

RavenCT Level 9 Feb 23, 2018

Good luck. If the issue was reason based it would be doable. But it is not. It is fear, greed and paranoia based on one side. This side has been at it a long time and are really entrenched. The other, rational side, just has to keep plugging away and hope we can reach enough people who are fed up with the lies and spin to actually do something.

JackPedigo Level 9 Feb 23, 2018

I am curious. I am hearing lop-sided numbers, like 5 million NRA members and 360 million non-NRA members. Why are we allowing 5 out of every 360 people make decisions for us? Why are we letting them bully us? Isn't it time we took away their bottle and put them in the crib for their bap?

@Dick_Martin Unfortunately, it's less about numbers and more about money. The NRA Political Victory Fund (actual title) as a whole has gobs of funding to throw around at whatever politicians are willing to bend over for them, and the Citizen's United ruling has made that situation even worse.

@Nebroxah Things are happening on that front right now. I am going to make a posting.


You put a dinner knife in the hands of a convict and give him 12 hours... he will show you a sharp lethal work of art and murder utensil but I got you. There are nuclear weapons lost or misplaced. Biggest problem is hard to move around without a trail. Will you sell them? To whom? For what? When ussr broke up... I am sure something got missing. There are stories about weapons lost by israel. (beyond tom clancy). Funny since israel claims to not in power of nuclear devices. I want all guns off the hands of all civilians. only exception law enforcement. Anything else is not enough. I am not saying my wish is practical or doable. I am just saying what I want. Your statement need no revision, I guess.

My only point is that too much of the guns discussion is people talking past each other, with a few extremists on both ends hollering and whirling their clubs. The
80% of the people in between the extremes have to find a way to come together.

@Dick_Martin True statement and that is why and how, we banned the abolished tommy gun in 1934 and more lives got lost on this st valentine day massacre that in that other st valentine day massacre. We been trying for too long to do the sensible thing of working the middle. Is not working. When it comes to gun violence... "extreme prejudice" comes to my mind.

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