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My niece posted this, she's got 2 young kid's just getting to school age...

  1. Asking for stricter gun laws does not mean you hate gun owners. It means you want to make it harder for people who shouldn't own guns to get them.
  2. Asking for an amendment that was written hundreds of years ago to be viewed through modern eyes and modern dangers is not unreasonable.
  3. When children are standing up begging adults to help them make changes we should be listening. This shows maturity, compassion, and wisdom on their part and that should be applauded.
  4. If you are a responsible gun owner it should be now that you are raising your hands to stand with these protesters because they are literally marching for a safer that protects everyone and makes sure bad guys don't hurt people. Have a voice in this debate- help those who don't own guns to understand how you maintain gun safety in your own home and community. It shouldn't be us versus them. It needs to be everyone fighting to keep people safe.
phxbillcee 9 Mar 26
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