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How low can this country go?

Rudy1962 9 Mar 27
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I agree. Using children as politics tools is outrageous when done by conservatives or Right wingers.

Children must only be exploited by the left leaning liberals and democrats. That way it's fair.

Because asking questions about how to prevent these atrocities is bad. We should just cry and cheer for some random girl and some random guy because they hate guns. Don't think, just follow.

Lancer Level 7 Mar 28, 2018


It was a joke. Not that liberals have a good sense of humour anyway

All that i find weird is how in everything else you hear how immature, ignorant, or stupid kids are but now all of a sudden they are being placed in lead roles of a conversation that is only based on emotion and not about actual law and reason to why the second amendment is needed. If these same kids said atheists are just mad at god or something like that the liberals here wouldn't be praising them but instead talking about how they are kids and don't know any better yet. I'm for some gun control but bans on any weapon is unlawful by the constitution.

I'd say we should control who is not allowed access to guns but we should allow anyone have any kind of weapon.
Control the people, not the weapons.

But that can be hard with the American constitution. Only people with criminal backgrounds, mental instability or psychopathic tendencies shouldn't be allowed guns.

I still find it strange that people only discuss gun control because it's popular and politically correct. Rather than look at the facts to make decisions based on reason and logic.

Liberalism is actually weakening society through increased exposure to young children in the form of indoctrination from liberal school teachers and professors. It's aim is basically routed in Darwin's idea of evolution through natural selection. The western children become progressively weaker both mentally and physically so they can be eliminated by more aggressive and progressive cultures. Basically it's like a voluntary form of destroying western culture which basically along with some Asian cultures BUILT THE MODERN WORLD. Yet the idiots scream about "white privilege" and "patriarchy" being bad. It's like that comedy skit of "what did the romans ever do for us"

@Lancer Its a tough issue that needs people much more studied on constitutional law, modern law and policy, history of gun control problems and many other things to actually work out some kind of solution. I respect what the kids are trying to do and understand their outcry but I just wish the left wing would approach these issues with more than just sensationalism and emotion. We do need some kind of system to help fight against the "shoot them up" culture we have now but the way the left is allowing things like age limits and bans to be pushed is sickening. They are unconstitutional and will be struck down by the right wing heavy SCOTUS. To do the things these kids want would require breaking HIPAA laws, redefining the age of adulthood and many other things that most people don't even realize because they are to busy being emotional.

@Lancer Whats worse are there are some reasons that help cause this "shoot em up" culture we have that we aren't even allowed to mention because of how the left wing will accuse you of just being racist or sexist because they have no real counter argument to them.

I completely agree. At the end of the day this is a social problem which has many different factors which influence it. Guns are one, but mental illness, psychotropic drugs, lack of proper parenting, predispositions towards violence, etc. Also media exposure is one. The school shootings by kids or car attacks by Muslims. Once the media showed one of them, they basically placed an idea into the minds of the deranged people who continue to commit these atrocities. They need to take some responsibility for that but they won't.

The left need to put aside their emotions so they can have a serious discussion about the causes and the preventative measures that can be taken. Then evaluate the success of their solutions that have been tested, so that they can identify the best solution. They need scientific method, logic and reasoning skills which they are in short supply of because mainly Engineers and scientists have them and they aren't taught in the liberal arts or humanities. Engineers and scientists would make great politicians because by definition, an engineer is a problem solver. But engineers and scientists make more money and get less stress when working in their own jobs.


We, the adults, bear the brunt of the responsibility for where this country is right now. Where were we when the mental health system was dismantled and people were basically put out in the streets? Where were we when the farce known as the "war on drugs" came along? Where were we when our schools became babysitting factories and we threw money and devices at our kids to distract them and shake our heads as they turn into bullies? Where were we when it came to parenting? Where were we when jobs were bled from this country? Where were we all these years that have led to a 3 ring circus for a government? Why were we not out yelling in the streets? Why were we not saying Bull shit? Because we have become soft, complacent and fearful. Karma is a bitch...These kids looked to us for guidance and saw?....nothing. What choice did they have? We were not speaking up for their safety, so they did the only thing possible. I hope they turn this movement into the next political party, one that is a distinct and legitimate alternative to The Republicrats.

Seeker55 Level 8 Mar 28, 2018

well said all across the board. the kids might be good to wake adults up even tho I think some of their solutions to the problem are ridiculous.


Why is that so hard for the NRA and gun nuts to understand???

JackPedigo Level 9 Mar 27, 2018

Maybe they have no compassion or empathy


They did it after Sandy Hook, too! Alex Jones in particular!

phxbillcee Level 9 Mar 27, 2018


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