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I'm back, how is everybody today, I took a little break to figure out how to fire back at Trump, NRA and that ice woman Dana Lowesh and make them stop telling their members to not believe anything we say because the assault weapons ban is just a front and what we really want is to take everybody's guns and repeal the 2nd amendment. I had a real, live epiphany. It would have been nice if I had it a couple of months ago, better late than never I guess.

Trump's approval rating hovers around 35%, Gun Control approval rating today is 67%. We have a solid majority on both sides, we don't have to convince anybody of anything. If their dumb enough to believe Trump and the NRA that we are stupid enough to try either one, let them, don't interrupt them. Just because they were stupid enough to try to repeal Obamacare a few hundred times, knowing it would never happen every time, doesn't mean we are. Trump's saying he is going to make sure the 2nd amendment doesn't go anywhere, let him. There is absolutely no possible way to do either one even if we wanted to, and we don't. I don't want to make my posts to long, the way we have to post here it gets confusing. I can say this though.

Papa's got a brand new bag!

MikeFlora 7 May 1
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Bag of what???....heh

Seeker55 Level 8 May 2, 2018

We all need a break every now and then.


You're right, Mike. We have the numbers in the voting booth. The problem lies in Congress and in state legislatures. The NRA has corrupted the system with their campaign contributions. So, we need to get out the vote and turn over Congress and the legislatures.


Time abd time again you gun control nuts are so wrong

woodmann6 Level 4 May 1, 2018

Thank you, have a nice day.

Wrong about what? And precise, please

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