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LINK Company Turns Avocado Pit Waste Into Biodegradable Straws and Cutlery

The trouble is some biodegradable plastics are still made from fossil fuel, and 80 percent of biodegradable “bioplastics” are made from food sources, like corn.

And… biodegradable plastics typically cost around 40 percent more than regular plastic.

A Mexican biochemical engineer named Scott Munguia has come up with a solution.

Avocado pits.

His company Biofase is located in the heart of Mexico’s avocado industry, where it turns 15 tons of avocado pits per day into biodegradable straws and cutlery.

I’ll bet a straw made from an avocado pit holds up better than a paper straw.

altschmerz 9 Sep 14
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Another related URL: This is dated 2016 and the company began in 2010.They are based in India


And on the downside, they may need some tweaking.

Personally, I don't see why one has to eat them all, as well. They could be put into household or community compost...

And here is another option to help one made their own! I prefer this! [i.etsystatic.com]


Better than bamboo, even. (And almost edible😉)

I used to repeat a joke from Stephen Wright about edible silverware, but it would be a great idea whose idea has come for fast food and even better eateries as well as in our homes!

Edible tableware now encompasses plates, drinkware, and glasses, utensils, and cutlery. It can be homemade and has also been mass-produced by some companies, and can be prepared using many various food substances. Now making it commonplace and affordable is up to our future priorities.

Can we save water this way in the larger picture, I wonder...???
Sometimes the production for items can use a lot of water, (One example are paper products...)!

@LetzGetReal I’ve read that water is used for most manufacturing, which is another reason why we shouldn’t keep making disposable plastic!


Great idea!