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An interesting article in the Guardian about the disaster that has resulted from the Balfour declaration and the formation of the state of Israel.
Most interesting is the comment by Boris Johnson

Moravian 8 June 22
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We need to remember and push aside that any criticisms of Israel is not antisemitism. It is anti-Zionism and there is a huge difference. Israel tries to use, after more than 70 years later, constant talks of the holocaust and antisemitic bullying tactics to get people to back down. There is no excuse for their treatment of another tribe that has occupied their lands for generations. How the Jewish people were treated during WWII can not be excused and one would think they would be more sensitive to treating others with cruelty as they themselves were treated. They seem not to be.

JackPedigo Level 9 June 22, 2020

Trump backing his buddy Netanyahu has made things even worse. His idiot son in law's supposed peace plan has set back the possibility of the two state plan even further.

@Moravian Yes, and it could lead to another war.


Our meddling and imperialism has caused endless suffering throughout the world, but the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the ensuing displacement and persecution of the Palestinian people must rank us one of the worst, the consequences of which are still an open sore in that region today. As for Johnston...even he can’t get it wrong all the time, can he ?

Fortunately Avi AShlaim is Jewish or he would probably be accused of antisemitism

@Moravian Most likely !

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