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I ask "is pointing out the error of American ways an act of love extended to them or the expression of hatred?"

Here are good reasons for America to be hated -
the murderous sanctions imposed against numerous countries.
Non involved countries are enforced into compliance as a result of the American bully's threat of doing the same to any country breaking the embargos -


To quote from the report:

"In recent years, the U.S. government has turned starvation into official policy. Determined to force hostile states to bend to its will, Washington increasingly imposes economic sanctions, using America’s financial dominance to penalize foreign individuals, companies, and even governments. "

"Among its prime targets were Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Venezuela. The objective was to wreak economic destruction – and the policy succeeded in that sense. These nations all suffered increased hardship. Yet the people who suffered the most were at the bottom economically. Regime elites usually lost some access to excess, including foreign bank accounts and the luxuries which depended on those funds."

"Moreover, in not one case did the Trump administration achieve its political ends. Communists, including nominally retired Raul Castro, still run Cuba. Tehran refused to surrender its foreign policy to Washington. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un did not make his nuclear weapons available for transport to the US In Syria Bashar al-Assad refused to yield power. So, too, Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro. Washington 0, Rogue States 5."

"As has become common, Washington applied its rules to everyone else on the planet, effectively cutting Syria off from much of the world economy."

"Jeffrey was refreshingly honest in admitting that sanctions were intended to hurt Russians, not help Syrians: "My job is to make it a quagmire for the Russians." The Syrian people were but a convenient means to an administration policy end. If that meant prolonging their suffering even after the guns had stopped firing, so be it."

"Madeleine Albright is responsible for a string of arrogant and thoughtless comments on foreign policy. Perhaps her most famous gaffe – that is, telling an inconvenient truth – was her response to a question about the death of a half million Iraqi babies due to sanctions: "We think the price is worth it," she said. That extraordinarily callous attitude evidently persists in Washington today regarding Syria."

"Diplomacy should be the main tool with which Washington addresses the world. That might frustrate US officials, since they would lose their ability to play Masters of the Universe. However, America as global dictatress has not delivered the sort of peaceful order that Washington policymakers claim to desire."

"Joe Biden ran for president as an advocate of human rights. Yet he, like Trump, has cruelly sacrificed the interests foreign peoples, such as those in Syria, to score political points. America should do better."

The author of the above is not an RT contributor nor is the article published by that media organisation. The author "Doug Bandow is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute. He is a former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan and the author of several books, including Foreign Follies: America’s New Global Empire."


Wrongly many Americans think that not only is their country doing the correct thing but that they have the right to do it to others - particularly nonxtians, socialists & communists!

Furthermore pointing out the error of their ways is not a an act of love extended to them but the expression of hatred.

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FrayedBear 9 July 11
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