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On the queen

The UK has been transformed as planned into a world stage to demonstrate by acting it out the meanings to everyone of our UNWRITTEN constitution. The actors all know their scripts which have been tweaked from the records. The tory party are delighted that it can also be a vehicle for Lizz Truss to peddle Tory propaganda and also to avoid writing down a new constitution which we badly need . Instead of a new constitution they want a new Bill of Rights interfering unilaterally with the already agreed Human Rights Documentation so that they can wiggle out of some world disagreements with justice mechanism.

I happened to be in Norwich Cathedral on Sunday [Purely as a tourist] and I wrote in their condolence sheets for Elizabeth R “ Her service of example to the country was far more valuable than any of her Faith initiatives ”

Mcflewster 8 Sep 13
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I’ve never been a royalist…but in the case of Queen Elizabeth she has proved to be a better head of state than any elected President or politician anywhere in the world. She has fulfilled her role and provided a reassuring constancy during seven decades of immense change at home and throughout the commonwealth and indeed the entire world. I have had my reservations about what will happen after her death, but I think that Charles will prove to be a fine head of state as he’s had a very long apprenticeship and understands that what he could say and do as heir-in-waiting is quite different from what he can say and do as a monarch. However, his heart is in the right place and he cares very much for our environment and the importance of good stewardship of the land and resources for future generations. Royalty are in the business of continuity and keeping things running smoothly and I’m sure he will want to continue in the same vein as his mother who was popular and has kept the clamour for a republic down to nothing more than a small minority rumbling, barely audible.

I’m far less worried about how the new King will perform than I am about our new PM…who seems intent on having a bonfire of our rights. Can we survive two further years of Tory government under Truss? I shudder at the thought!

I heard someone say that Liz Truss combines the diplomatic skills of Genghis Khan and the bedside manner of Ilse Koch. That being the case such character traits will expedite her departure from office and she may turn out to be the shortest serving PM in history, time will tell.

@ASTRALMAX We can but hope!

The only real advantage I ever thought there was in monachy, is that complete jerks, like Johnson, and L. T., not to mention Blair, who only get elected because of chance anomilies of the voting system, don't get to call themselves president.

@Fernapple My thoughts entirely!

King Charles and Liz Truss could always try the Paddington bear appraoch - getting everything in a mess but iy=t all comes right in the end. That did wonders for Boris Johnson's future earnings.

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