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I listened to LK at the BBC this morning It is clear to me that Liz Truss is

Not running a cabinet that has the chance to discuss all announcements.

Not caring about the poorest in the country. She definitely favors the rich although is still in favor of the triple lock.

Trying to PROVE the validity of conservative DOGMA at the expense of the worry caused in the general population

Trying to prove that she is as HARD as Thatcher

NOT a good explainer.

Mcflewster 8 Oct 2
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Just to add that Kwasi's U-turn on BBC Breakfast this am, has slightly altered the second point above . It was So inevitable, but we are yet to see what they use the money that was gained by re-establishing the top rate of tax

The United Kingdom is looking more and more like a Ship of Catastrophes.


I saw her being interviewed this morning. Totally clueless. Couldn't answer any questions and kept reverting to the money borrowed to reduce energy bills.
It would appear that she had no idea that Kwasi was going to announce the tax cuts. Should be fun at the Tory conference this weekend.

Moravian Level 8 Oct 2, 2022

Welcome to the widening of the wealth gap! 😟


My only consolation is believing she will be the final nail in the coffin of this Tory Government…the scales must surely fall from the eyes of all but the most ardent Conservative voters. The opinion polls are giving Starmer and Labour a lead of upwards of 35% over her government at present. The downside is that a General election is two years away and the country will be completely on its knees by then!,

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