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LBC Journalist Sangita Myska eviscerates racist Tory caller on radio…he says Rishi Sunak shouldn’t be Prime Minister because he’s not British…..

Marionville 10 Oct 23
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Jerry of Lowestoft epitomises everything that is wrong with the tiny minded racist vermin that infest parts of the United Kingdom.

anglophone Level 8 Oct 24, 2022

There’s a hell of a lot if them and it scares me to know it.

@Marionville These sorts of extreme attitudes have existed for the last four decades in UK to my certain knowledge, and like you I am appalled at the failure of successive governments to address this issue.

@anglophone I think it’s been lying under the surface for decades but the Brexit result has given the racists permission to openly express it.


What an appalling guy.He is not going to be happy as his darling Boris has removed himself from the running and Rishi is odds on to be next prime minister.

Moravian Level 8 Oct 24, 2022

Yes…I think his team were bluffing about having more than a hundred backers.


This is the sort of ass who would have it written in to law that in order to be eligible to stand for the UK parliament you MUST have been born within 50 miles of the city of London inside a Christian church have been baptised immediately and have a note from the vicar certifying that at birth you were in possession of two testicles and a WHITE penis.

Appalling man…and he says he’s typical of Tory membership….which I don’t doubt. It’s no wonder Rushi Sunak couldn’t beat brain dead Lizzie if that’s representative of the mindset of those who have been given the right to choose our PM. Racist, and ignorant of everything, including what constitutes being British…which he confuses with being English btw…and he/they believe only white people are entitled to call themselves English. Presumably anyone who isn’t white is foreign to them, regardless of them having been born in the U.K. and length of time they or their forebears have lived here. The scary thing is…I think there’s a hell of a lot more of them who think that way but aren’t in the Tory Party…!

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