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If you stand by the Catholic Church, if you donate time and money to this organization, you are complicit. There is no way around it. This will not be the last report. It will not be the worst report. It is just the latest in a long line. And we all know this to be true. If you still support the Catholic Church, you are complicit in the rape of children and its cover up. If you think that is too harsh, start thinking about the victims instead.

Andrew L. Seidel
Director of Strategic Response
Freedom From Religion Foundation


LenHazell53 9 Aug 26
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It’s nice to give the Catholics, and all other religious groups, a good kicking. However, the world is not all so black and white. I know many decent Catholics, and none of them seem to favour child abuse.

Regburns Level 5 Aug 27, 2018

So if you belonged to an organisation and you discovered that it had been secretly for centuries protecting, enabling and hiding child abusers you could in good conscience continue to be an active fee paying member of that organisation and consider yourself "decent"?
This the situation you are describing as not black and white.
"Oh yes I know they have caused untold misery, broken the laws of decency, driven children to suicide, broken the laws of every country they have ever been active in, BUT I quite like the singing so I'll ignore all that and keep identifying with them."

Tacit tolerance of child abuse is still Tolerance of child abuse and that makes the tolerating person as bad as the abuser in my opinion, how about you?

No, I suspect I can’t agree to that. I am placed in a difficult position, as I wouldn’t want to defend Catholicism. However, I can imagine a perfectly decent catholic taking the view that while a significant number of believers abuse kids, that is not a reason to reject a belief system. I guess that most Catholics reject child abuse, that is quite different to tacit tolerance.

@Regburns You know abuse is happening, you know it is your Denomination that is doing it, you give them one penny, one moment of your time one iota of tolerance, you are contributing to abuse of children, you are condoning it and tolerating it you are a pervert enabler, or completely indulging in willful ignorance.
The final straw in getting me out of the Mormons religion was finding out Joseph Smith married a 14 year old, I would not even be associated with the followers of a paedophile, ever.
Filthy disgusting monsters the lot of them.

The only perfectly decent Catholic would be a perfectly decent EX Catholic

@LenHazell53 oh well, I suspect we will have agree to disagree.


I am just reading in today’s papers about his speech in Dublin and the strongly worded speech Leo Varadker gave in response. I will make a post later.

Tag me in it please that sounds like an interesting read . Thankyou

@Simon1 I posted something yesterday evening, did you get it?

@Marionville ill have a look now


It's worse than that. Catholics deliberately leave not only their morals but their intellect as well at the door of their Church. They might as well go all the way and have a LOBOTOMY!

rcandlish Level 7 Aug 26, 2018

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