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Yesterday I went to the film "The children act"

It is such good film well acted and produced. More interesting on the agnostic line was the treatment of Jehovah's witnesses beliefs - being the subject of a court case . The Judge used the Human angle to sort out her decision - but the rest of the film is not just about that - it keeps you guessing to the end, Highly recommended .
Mcflewster 8 Sep 8
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Better still is Apostasy.A real insight into the mind and actions of a family of Jehovah's Witnesses.Such a dull existence particularly for younger family members who have known no other life and whose whole world is threatened by self appointed elders who hold its adherents in constant fear of exclusion.Only they can decide who stays , who goes and who is ready to return.Sadly there are so many around the world with little choice but to accept the religion they are either born into or allow themselves to become converts at a difficult time in their lives.Once in of course few religions show compassion to apostates one at least suggesting death at least in the texts whether carried out or not.


Looks brilliant. Thank you.

Red_Cat Level 7 Sep 15, 2018

It looks like it is worth watching.


Thanks for the heads up. I saw her on the One Show promoting it.

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