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I have just read an article in the Sunday Times about a Church of Scientology “family fun” weekend which has been organised for September 22/23rd in their Firhouse community centre in Dublin. It will include mechanical dinosaurs, a petting zoo, rides and a theatrical performance that will “thrill and entertain kids while stimulating their imagination “. Local councillors are objecting, and this is without a hint of irony, on the grounds that “people are concerned because they see this as a way Scientologists are trying to recruit people by aiming this at children and families, and view them as being different from other religions, more cult-like”. Presumably then, it would be okay for any other denomination to draw the little children in to their clutches....the Catholic Church for instance!

Marionville 10 Sep 16
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I live in Clearwater FL, the FLAG headquarters for Scientology. There are music festivals all over the west coast of FL including 2 big annual ones here in Clearwater. The Scientologists this summer had a Downtown Block Party with live music and circus themed events. Basically a recruiting event. Also, They own lots of empty real estate all over town. I'm told this is so they don't stockpile their money and get taxed on it....they are classified as a not for profit church and big bank accounts would be an IRS no no. They are organized criminals in my book.

sapiofile Level 5 Nov 21, 2018

I agree...!


I don't believe it! You are winding us up because you are bored 🙂

Red_Cat Level 7 Sep 17, 2018

I kid you not! ?

@Marionville I remember starting a book about scientology when I was 17 years old. It only took a couple of chapters before I concluded it was (and is) brainwashing. Awful stuff. It is difficult to believe that so many people fall for the garbage.

@Red_Cat A lot of gullible folks around, sadly!


Didn't they fight dinosaurs who were nuking volcanos whilst dressed as John Travolta? It's the mechanical dinosaurs.

Sofabeast Level 7 Sep 16, 2018

My ex-fiance had a place in Clearwater, Florida where their headquarters are. They did things to get property they wanted in the downtown area that were exposed by the Tampa newspaper. Things that were really scary. Headline from the Tampa Bay Times................Clearwater City Council again thwarts Scientology land deal
The move adds to Clearwater's difficult relationship involving Scientology and land.


The problem is yes you can draw a comparison between the RC and other religions, but Scientology is not a religion, it is not even a cult, it is organised crime, an insidious organisation of utter evil, that will silence even their own permanently, sacrifice them and behave in the most sadistic manner of any organisation since the disbandment of the SS

In the abuse of children which is more or less my point, I’m not sure I would agree. Otherwise I concur.


They have never liked any competition

Simon1 Level 7 Sep 16, 2018

No is the lack of irony that struck me.


Religious hypocrisy is not a new phenomenon; it's as old as religion itself.

Barney71 Level 3 Sep 16, 2018

It isn’t the church that is objecting it is the local councillors. They wouldn’t object if was one of the churches, it is because it is the Scientologists.

@Marionville You don't think the councillors are religious?

@Barney71 Yes, in Dublin they are probably Catholic, but they are not speaking for the church. They are not being hypocritical they are just not thinking that their religion is bad because it is the normal thing to belong to. Scientology is like an interloper coming in and poaching from Catholicism...they don’t see the irony of thinking it is worse to let the children into the clutches of the Scientologists than the local priests in the Catholic Church.

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